Monday, July 30, 2012

Primary parade for the 24th of July

I'm playing catch up here! We fixed the computer so I can get into my photos again. Yay!! And it was super simple. Of course! But hey, we didn't have to pay anything so that's good!

Every year our primary does a parade for all the kids around the 24th of July. They decorate their bikes, then ride down the street and the neighbors watch and we have a dinner after.

Since we have a small primary, people often invite their grandkids to come. It was a lot of fun this year and Emily and Natalie and their kids came too!

Jackson pretty much slept in the baby bjorn the whole time! We had a yummy potluck dinner after. Molly was a champ riding her bike around. Everyone was making comments on how fast she was. Ali wasn't so great, so after a while we had her walk :)

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