Saturday, July 21, 2012

Uh oh

Justin sold his laptop to his brother while we were in Star Valley a few weeks ago, so we now have one laptop (the one I have been using). He transferred all of his things over to this computer, but he had a different operating system on his. So I tried to open iPhoto last week and it told me I needed the latest version of iPhoto. Well long story short, we need to buy a new operating system and version of iPhoto, so I can't access my photos! Ahh!! I guess this is a lesson in saving your pictures in more than one place. Of course I know this, I just haven't done anything about backing them up anywhere. Once I can get back in, I will back everything up!

Justin has been studying for the bar every day. He takes it next Tuesday and Wednesday and then it's over!! His work has given him 2 weeks paid time off to study, which is very generous. My sister had a genius idea for him to study at the church. He already has keys to it because of his calling and it's quiet and air conditioned. Perfect! I can't wait til it's over (and obviously neither can he!) so I can ask him for a bit more help!

Molly tripped on the driveway this week and has a big boo boo on her nose that everyone asks about. We had a primary parade Wednesday night where the kids decorated their bikes and rode down the street and back. Afterwards we had a potluck dinner that was really yummy. It was fun to see neighbors and friends! I have pictures to share later.

The other night Ali came upstairs after we put her to bed about 5 times because she was honestly afraid of lions! She is obsessed with Dora and usually asks about foxes (as in Swiper the fox) every night when we put her to bed, but it was lions the other night and she was in tears. I think she finally went to bed at about 9:30 along with Molly (who so kindly walked upstairs with Ali each and every time). Needless to say, they slept in until about 9:30 am!

I got news that Molly was accepted into Headstart preschool again for the fall! She was put in my first choice: morning preschool at a different elementary, which happens to be closer to us. Yay! I think it goes from 8:15 to 11:30 am. Yikes! This is early for me to have her up and ready, but they serve them breakfast there (thank goodness!) and I already have a plan. I'm going to have Justin take her on his way to work and then I will pick her up. I'm really hoping it works! This will give Justin an extra excuse to leave and be on time and will definitely help my cause! I also want to put Molly in the afternoon singing and dance class which is when her friend goes. I'm hoping we can carpool to and from as well.

Last night we went to Provo and ate at La Jolla Groves. It is a really yummy place and has lemon trees above your heads. The ambiance is really neat! Justin's youngest brother Brad works there and he was able to eat with us, along with Emily and Zack and my parents.  After we had ice cream at the creamery (yummy raspberry cream cheese ice cream, peanut butter trails and english toffee I miss you!) and we stopped by Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts we ate this morning. I know, all you are hearing are calories!! But it has all been yummy!

I'm hoping to get back into some type of working out when Justin is finished with the bar. More and more pants are finally fitting again, but some I have purposely stayed away from because I know I'm not there yet! Sorry about this being a rambling type post!

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Kati said...

I am glad that Justin will have the boards out of the way soon how nice for both of you!!!
It sounds like you are doing great! I love the blessing pics you look wonderful as always and I think that your babe looks more like you then Justin.
So so glad that nursing is going better and hope you don't get sore again...