Monday, July 30, 2012

Smiles and storage

Here is my happy boy! He has been smiling since about 4 1/2 weeks. I know that sounds early, but I really think they were genuine then and he does it more and more now. Isn't it the best? Now we can't wait for that adorable giggle to come out.

He has a bit of red in his hair in certain light. Justin said his dad actually had red hair when he was a little boy.

He is always so smiley right after he eats (no surprise there!). We love his smiles!!

Lately I've been in an organizing mood. The girls' room has been such a mess and they seem to have so much stuff, so I went through everything and organized. It looked so great I had to take pictures. Too bad I can't show you before pictures. It looked like a tornado. I'm sure you can imagine.

If I haven't said so, we turned Ali's crib into a toddler bed, which you can see here on the right. She has done pretty well in it, except the girls had a streak where they both came up after they had been put down several times and that drives us nuts!

We have to "board up" the fireplace because it wasn't insulated very well at all. In the winter it is so cold in their room because of the cool air getting through. And no, the girls can't play foosball yet!

I know this doesn't look that great, but on the back wall is the mattress and box springs that go in the room Justin and I are in. It's a queen size but we wanted to use our king. So it is in "storage" here as well as the pad on top.

All of this furniture and the quilt belong to my mom, but there isn't enough room upstairs anywhere for it, so the girls play with it downstairs.

I also went through all of our boxes in the storage room and pulled everything out and reorganized it; meaning all of the girls clothes. It took me a couple of days (if I wasn't nursing I'm sure it could have gone faster) but I feel really good about it. They are boxed in empty/used diapers and wipes boxes. Man, I think about all of the money we've spent on diapers and wipes and it's a lot by looking at all those boxes!!

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Brett & Sydnie said...

He is such a happy baby! I think he looks a lot like Justin, but maybe I just think that cause he's a boy. Glad that you guys are doing well!