Sunday, December 30, 2012

Celebrating Ali's birthday

Look at these 2 cute boys!! This is Paxton on the left and Jackson on the right. Paxton was the first grandson, born to Justin's brother Mark and his wife Ashley. We celebrated Alison and Paxton's birthdays. Pax will be 1 on January 5th and Ali's birthday is January 10th.

Some of the girls eating cookies and ice cream. Left to right: Carly, Mckenna, Reese and Laney. There are 7 granddaughters and then the 2 boys. Finally we got some boys after a big run of girls!!

Ali checking out her birthday gift with grandpa. She got this darling purse with candy and a neat flashlight inside. She slept with her purse for about 3 nights in a row. I think it's safe to say she loves it! Thank you grandma and grandpa!

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