Monday, December 17, 2012

gettting ready

So here we are, getting ready for Christmas. I'm sure that's what you are doing too.

Just yesterday I realized, ah! I need gifts for Molly's teachers! (dance and preschool) If you are a slacker and almost forgot like me, have no fear! Thanks to pinterest and google, I found this idea via

It's a chocolate orange, turned into an apple for a teacher. Clever! Thank you! I am totally doing this today (or tomorrow). 

We will be heading to WY for the big day and so we are trying to make our lists and check them twice to make sure we remember everything! It is very tricky to pack up Christmas and travel somewhere else, but we know it will be fun! Justin's whole family will be there and we have some fun things planned. 

I'm practically done with my shopping except for a few things. Again, I grabbed some gifts early on. Do you get things early or wait til the last minute? Last year I got too many things too early and forgot and that was bad. This year I have really stuck to my budget for the kids and done a pretty good job. Justin on the other hand has needed a few things that have been gifts for him, but he's had to use them (boots, shaver, etc) so Christmas might be kinda lame for him. 

Do your kids do this? Like 2 weeks before Christmas they suddenly are way into a certain toy that before they cared less about? And that's what they ask for? Yep, that's what has happened with Molly especially. But I have to remember that no matter what, new things are new exciting things and they will be happy with almost anything. But it definitely makes me second guess myself and my choices!

Jackson has his 2 bottom teeth in! He has actually acted very well with no fevers and about the same amount of drool as always :) He has woken up a bit earlier, but who knows if that has to do with the teeth.

Molly's singing and dance recital is tomorrow night, Justin's office party was last week and we leave on Friday. Oh and our family party is Thursday night. It definitely feels like Christmas, especially this past Saturday when we got 6 inches of snow! We've watched Elf, done some Xmas crafts, had yummy treats around the house, etc. etc! How about you? What have you done that is Christmas-y to you??


Karen said...

Ahh...I need to do presents for them too? Ugh...this teacher stuff is rough!! I may have to copy you. So Sarah still only has one tooth. She is quite the slow little developer! Have fun in Jackson. We will be having a nice laid back Christmas!

emily said...

ah, life sounds good and dandy for the pendletons. . . :)

i starting the process of gingerbread houses tonite - getting them all baked and cut. ben's b-day is on the 20th and we'll decorate them then. i'm excited for that.

happy holidays and safe traveling! your christmas card is super beautiful!

Laura said...

Have fun in Wyoming! I love the craziness of Christmas!!