Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jackson at 7 months

 Our little guy is growing by the minute! He is now 7 months old. Little cutie.

He loves to stick out his bottom lip! It is so funny. He does it often while eating. But sometimes he'll just stick it out for fun :)
"Don't make me sit up and smile!" He doesn't sit up by himself yet, but he is close. He just always tips over after a while. Hopefully soon he will! I feel like they are more entertained when they can sit and play. He still always wants to be held.

 You can see his 2 bottom teeth here. That's all he has so far.

Recently Jackson has started to be aware of me, especially. If he's tired or hungry and sees me, he usually will whine until I take or get him. His sisters continue to make him laugh. He continues to do "the banana" as grandpa Val calls it. He lifts his head and his feet while he's laying on his back. It's so silly. He should have a six pack in no time!

He's pretty much done with baby food now that he's had real food. I can still get him to eat some of the fruit baby food, but veggies are a no go. We usually give him what we are eating and that seems to keep him happy. He still eats all the time. I nurse him every 2-3 hours still in addition to feeding him when we eat too. At night he does better than that, but man, this boy can eat! He sleeps at night for a 6-8 hour stretch usually but I'm hoping pretty soon we can make it 12 hours!


emily said...

oooooh, he sounds pretty delightful! and he's soooo handsome. what a cutie.

Christine said...

So adorable! He seems to be a good mix of the girls.

Niederfam said...

He's a sweet little guy. I hope he starts sleeping for 16 hours! Ha. ;)