Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

We began opening gifts at 7 am with the whole family on Christmas day. Checking out the stockings from Santa.

 Jackson found a hammer rattle in his stocking!

 The girls got Lalaloopsy dolls from grandma and grandpa.

 They were pretty excited about them!

 Jackson opened a tractor from grandma and grandpa.

Justin and all of the boys opened guns from his parents. They were all REALLY excited! And pretty surprised too, I think.

The girls got The Princess and the Popstar Barbie dolls. They have really liked the new movie and sing the songs from it all the time! They love these dolls. 

Ali got a Dora dress up! She was so excited and immediately put it on. She was running her fingers through her brown wig. It was hilarious! She wore it over her clothes and jammies til the next day.

Jackson also got some cute dog puppets. He loves to eat them :)

Molly with her spoils. Her gift from Santa was a LeapPad. We are sending it back to Santa to get it fixed since it has a problem, but she has really liked it! She says it is her favorite gift.

 Ali with her gifts. The girls were thrilled with everything they got.

It was really fun watching everyone open their gifts. We had such a big group and it was hard to organize everyone, but in the end we were all happy and had a great time. Everyone was spoiled and we are grateful to have so much!

Here's a view of outside from the front door. It was beautiful while we were there.

We did a lot of fun things while we were there. We saw some movies we hadn't seen yet, ate lots of yummy food, played games, went snowmobiling and on the sleigh ride and just relaxed. Justin's aunt and uncle and their family came and stayed at their grandparents house nearby and so we got to spend time with them as well, which was fun. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so fun!


emily said...

looks great! i love all the "spoils." so fun.

Niederfam said...

LOVE the Dora costume. LOVE Ali wearing it EVEN more. TOO funny!!! Good times.