Sunday, December 30, 2012

Molly's Christmas Recital

We anxiously anticipate Molly's recitals and had a lot of fun at this one. Here are all of the girls in their opening song, "Welcome to Trio". Trio is the name of the singing and dancing company.

Molly is the second blue girl from the right. She did a great job on her solo and dances, even if it wasn't perfect :) They sang "Let it Snow" and danced to "Jingle Bells".

I tried to get a picture of her after and this was the best I got! She was really excited to get to wear stage make-up for her performance and said she had fun! We were way in the back so I'm not too thrilled with my pictures, but oh well!

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Niederfam said...

I can't wait til I have "recital" posts on my blog. SO fun!!! Cute Molly.