Sunday, March 31, 2013

More egg hunts

 This past week has been really fun for us. It was spring break for Molly, so she didn't have school all week. We got home from WY on Monday night. Tuesday we had some good friends come and play from out of town. Tuesday night my brother came with his two girls. My girls always ask when they get to see these cousins. We have had so much fun playing with them! They left yesterday and it was sad to see them go. And we missed Becky, my sil, and the new baby, but we understand why they couldn't make it! Besides Becky and Romy, we missed my sister Emily and her family who are in WI.

We had a fun Easter party Friday. My mom got them all a present in these cute bags. (They are from Micahel's, in case anyone wanted to know) They each opened an outfit.

Then of course we had an easter egg hunt. We were so glad the weather was nice so we could do it outside in the back yard.

Jackson found some eggs and enjoys the candy!

 Molly was victorious finding eggs!

And of course, so was Ali.

I promised a Princess Sofia party for the girls while Lexie and Shay were visiting. Here they are wearing their crowns, watching the sleepover party episode. They were so cute! They were all glued to the TV.

We also celebrated Justin's birthday with this side of the family.

Saturday morning we hit our 2nd easter egg hunt. It was a free one that we did last year too, in Cottonwood Heights. Wow. Can you see all the people? Molly and Ali were in different age groups, so we had to split up to go with them. I wish I would've taken a picture of Ali because you would have seen how successful this was. Molly got scared about 10 seconds before the siren went off for them to go and ended up with about 3 eggs. Ali had her eye on an egg that another kid took and from there she lost it. I'm not sure if we will go back again next year...

But, our neighbor called who's friends with my mom and invited them to her easter egg hunt since some of their neighbors were out of town. How nice! A time for my girls to try again! This one was much more successful for both of them.

Here we all are by their pond in the back. They were smart and had kids 0-2 start first, then added each year from there one at a time. I thought it was genius. My kiddos were super spoiled. I almost wondered if the Easter bunny wouldn't bother since they already had gotten so many eggs already!

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Emily said...

Yeah, the cottonwood heights egg hunt looks very INTENSE!! Way too many kids scrambling and grabbing, I wouldn't go back either- until they are the big 7 year olds who can dominate, at least ;)

The egg hunt at moms and the Princess Sophia party looks so fun- I love their pink crowns!