Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Girls dresses (or jumpers)

You may remember in this post how I showed you some strips of fabric I had shown together. Well, here's what I made! I used a pattern called Jelly Roll Jumper by Susan Carbine Johnson to make these cute jumpers for my girls. My mom bought the jelly roll with these fabric strips and the pattern. Over a year later I pulled it out and decided I wanted to make them for the girls!

This first one belongs to Alison. I am in love with all the bold and bright colors. So fun!

Here's the back with the sash.

Here is Molly's. The fabric is called heirloom by Joel Dewberry.

The back of Molly's. The nice thing was that I sewed all the strips together first. Then I just cut them to the measurements for each and went from there.

After all the strips were sewn, I realized we weren't smart enough to buy the coordinating fabric for the bodice, straps and border. Duh! That's a no no with fabric because it doesn't stay in the store forever. So if you wait a long time it could be gone and you're out of luck.

Well I was finishing my Easter table runner and could not believe my eyes when I saw three bolts of this fabric on the clearance rack! All at 50% off! So fi you see the purple and pink fabric on Molly's and the pink and white on Ali's, that's the fabric I'm talking about. Plus the green print on the straps. Anyway, it was my lucky day and totally meant to be! I'm still so happy thinking about my luck! Ha, I'm a fabric nerd I guess ;)

Didn't they turn out cute? They haven't worn them yet, but I think they will on Sunday so I will take some pics of them actually wearing them and report back :)

Just for fun, here's a look at the little fairy garden my mom did with my girls. She had a kit that she bought last year from some garden center.

The girls are so excited about it and think it's the coolest thing ever.

I'm not really a huge fairy fan, but I have to admit that it's pretty cute myself!

And last, but definitely not least, we are happy again because we have a swing set in the backyard! Thanks mom and dad for getting a new one! My kids are in heaven. There are some perks to still living with my parents ;) although we are really, really, hoping that our time here is coming to an end...?? We are still waiting on hearing back on a job for Justin. He has a strong lead, but we are waiting for the guy to give the ultimate yes or no. Should be any day.


erinmalia said...

from one fabric nerd to another, that stuff is just lovely! did you make a bow tie for jackson out of it? :)

Karen said...

VERY cute! You are just so crafty. How do you find the time?

Emily said...

Those jumpers are the CUTEST!! You are so talented. Now, tell the girls to grow fast so that Elise can have the hand-me-down soon ;)

Love the fairy garden and the swing set too! The girls are lucky to live at Grandmas!

emily said...

amazing dresses - i could see them for sale at farmer's markets and the such. so adorable.

cute fairy garden.

yay for swing sets!

i hope you hear good news on the job soon. :)

P said...

Everything is adorable! The dressed and the cute little fair garden, I'm SURE they LOVED helping Grandma!