Tuesday, May 7, 2013

this and that

Is there anything more precious than a baby's bum up in the air while they're napping? I don't think so. Especially when there's a little bull dog on the bum :)

We had our friends over for Cinco de Mayo. I made cafe rio chicken, cafe rio salad dressing and for fun we had strawberry daiquiris (virgin of course; made in our ice cream maker). Everything was delicious. Seth and Coleen, we are going to miss you when you move! Thanks for all the fun and yummy things you brought too!

Recipes here and here. Justin even dipped the edges of our glasses in sugar. So fancy.

I sewed these 30 strips together. It took me several times of sitting down to do it, but now they're all done. Isn't it fun fabric?! I'll let you know later what I'm making...

If your kids don't play starfall.com on the computer, you should do it with them! My girls love playing it together and I think it's great too.


erinmalia said...

totally with you: baby bums in the air = adorable.

Christine said...

love that baby bum