Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring soccer

 Molly got this awesome medal after her last soccer game this past weekend.

 She was sooo excited!

She did a great job. She has a great leg and can kick the ball hard and far if she wants. She does tend to get distracted while out on the field, and she tends to like to run in the back of the pack. But, if she wants to, she can kick goals! She is so funny. She isn't really aggressive and doesn't like the idea of taking the ball from other girls. But if she gets to do the kick off or throw in, then sometimes she'll score off of that.

We didn't choose to sign her up again. She has enjoyed it I think, but she isn't over the top excited about going. Plus, we still are a bit unsure of our future and where we will be (still hoping to MOVE one of these days) so that was another factor. But there's always another time to try! She is only 5 :) It's been fun for her to experience it though!

Her spring singing and dance recital is this Wednesday night and her teacher is not going to be teaching anymore :( sad day! But she would have had the summer off anyway. She has one more month of school. Her preschool teacher likes to do more of a year round schedule, so her last day is June 27th, which is her graduation lunch.

Yesterday morning she said a prayer and said, "....and I'm grateful for my medal for being the greatest soccer girl EVER!..."

Here's another funny story about Molly from this morning.

A man was smoking in the car in front of us. Molly was so disgusted with him. She yells out, "That guy is smoking! Smoking is so bad for you! People, listen to me. Smoking is bad for you! You should go talk to Jesus. If you don't know about Jesus, go to the temple. Or you can go to church. Those are your choices!"
I was dying laughing. Love this girl.


emily said...

what an awesome girl! i love that kids are not afraid to speak their minds. it's pretty great. :)

erinmalia said...

that prayer is awesome.

Emily said...

"those are your choices"! I love it! I can hear her saying that in my head. Love that Molly girl :) I'm glad she enjoyed soccer. We'll see what her "sport" will be soon enough! She is the greatest soccer girl ever, to me.