Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jackson's 1st birthday (and Memorial weekend)

Our favorite little boy turned 1 this past Sunday, May 26th! It is so crazy to think that a whole year has gone by. He's not our little baby anymore. He's a big baby!

We spent the weekend with the Pendleton side of the family in Star Valley, WY. Justin's whole family was there. It was fun to see everyone and spend time with them. 

He wasn't super into his party hat. I was able to distract him enough to wear it for some of the time though!

He liked his cake. 


Blowing out his candle. He actually ate 2 cupcakes. One cupcake for the pics above before he went down for a nap and this one after to celebrate with everyone else. It was his birthday after all!

I love this picture. His face seems like it's saying, "Clothes? Thanks." Ha ha! Like a true boy I guess! Thanks grandma and grandpa for the cute outfits!

Here he is going inside the bag to get the presents out.

Great grandma and great grandpa Pendleton dropped by to drop off a card and gift. I love him smiling at grandpa in this picture. They were so cute to bring him a football. He LOVES balls! 

The boys took care of the dutch oven dinner. Chicken and potatoes. Yummy!

We had a sports themed party for Jackson. Don't look too close, but this was my best attempt at decorating these cupcakes to look like the different types of balls! I found the idea at

I didn't take pictures of all the other party stuff, but I found this cupcake stand and all the other party stuff at the dollar store. I checked Zurcher's first, but all they had was individual sports themes. Not all sports combined. Dollar Tree had just what I was looking for! And you can't go wrong for a buck for each piece (plates, napkins, cups, banner, cupcake liners and cupcake stand).

We definitely had some ups and downs on the trip. Ali falling asleep on grandma Sunday afternoon was a good thing :) I'm not sure if she's ever fallen asleep on anyone before. Way to go grandma!

Taking rides on the razor and on grandma and grandpa's new bikes was also a highlight of the trip.

We had our own flag raising ceremony on Memorial Day. We put the flag up and said the pledge of allegiance! Look at these cute girls with their hands over their hearts. We also visited the graves in the Thayne cemetery.

The bad news was several people got sick by Sunday morning. Justin's brother Mark and his little boy had already been sick when they arrived, then Molly threw up Saturday night in her bed and on ours. Justin's mom was sick and a niece wasn't acting like herself either. Justin actually got sick yesterday and came home early from work, but so far no one else seems to be sick. Molly's seemed like a quick, fluke-type thing, luckily.

We tried to ride the neighbor's little ponies while there, but unfortunately that didn't work out either. 

The Pendleton Memorial golf tournament was a success. The boys had fun and we met them after in Jackson Hole. We ate dinner together and our little family attempted the alpine slides, but they weren't running yet :( boo!

Back to this cute boy. Jackson is such a happy boy. He is into checking everything out and is curious about everything. He loves to throw things and hit things (and pinch and bite!). He loves to point his finger at people and waits for them to point back and smiles. It is the cutest thing. That's his latest little game. He isn't walking yet, but he loves to push his hippo around and our little strollers and shopping cart. He likes to give mommy and daddy big open mouth kisses in the mornings. He will cuddle right into you at times when you hold him. He is not a picky eater and eats what we eat. I have just weaned him and now he's on whole milk. Hooray for that! Jackson, we love you so much! Thanks for all the joy you bring into our lives. We think he's perfect :)

12 month stats from today's checkup:
Length: 30.31 in. 68%
Weight: 20.17 lbs. 13%
Head: 18.3 in. 51%


Jeff and Kathryn said...

I can't believe he's a year already! What a cutie!!

emily said...

what a darling, darling one-year old! looks like a fun and festive birthday and weekend. except the getting sick part. . .

Christine said...

He is so handsome! He looks like Molly to me. So sorry you all got sick. The pukes are the worst!

Karen said...

Such a cute little boy. A year really does go by fast.

Laura said...

He is so cute. Happy Birthday buddy!!

P said...

Just realized I'm (Natalie- ;) Signed in as P, but of course you PROBABLY would have figured that out!

Anyway. LOVE that cute boy and the rest of his family glad you were able to getaway and have SOME fun! ;)

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!