Wednesday, June 19, 2013


That's what we call Jackson sometimes...Destructo. Because that's what he does! If you are on FB and friends with Justin, you may have already seen some of the damage.

This has all happened in a week! Yes, 7 days. He broke the lid to one of my pots above. I have now moved them out of the bottom drawer.

Yesterday he broke this vase. He also broke my large ceramic serving bowl that matches my dishes. And I'm pretty sure they don't sell my dishes anywhere anymore :( dang! So I'm out of luck there.

We have had to keep moving our breakable things. And they are somewhat locked up! I think he got my bowl when I was doing dishes and I had the cupboard open.

He found the hot chocolate several days ago after we had eaten dinner. My mom and I were chatting at the table and suddenly noticed it was quiet...the little stinker!

And he, of course, was VERY proud of himself!

I wonder where he ever gets it from? See for yourself!

Yep! Like FATHER like SON!


emily said...


Niederfam said...

Indeed like father like son, and they QUITE resemble each other too!

Destructo seems like a perfect nickname. SORRY. ;(

Coleen Ure said...

Christian is starting to get into everything! It is a new challenge to have them trying to get their hands on anything they can reach! He really does look just like Justin!! :)

Laura said...

I swear it is worse with little boys! Brayden loves to throw EVERYTHING!!! I don't remember Haylee ever doing that. She got into stuff, but didn't break anything. Good luck.