Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer fun

Bear with me here. This is all a bit random and thrown together, but I'm documenting anyway.

I put Ali down for a nap a couple of weeks ago and I think I took the other 2 kids outside to play. We came back in and I was headed downstairs when I saw the following :) Ali sleeping on the top step. I picked her up and she finished off her nap in her bed. My parents have a picture of me asleep on the stairs when I was little too. Funny.

Ok. Have you EVER seen any cuter beach chairs for kids? I think not! 

Our neighbors invited us swimming at their parent's pool last weekend. We had a great time!

 We also got to have a sleepover with our cousins! Fun fun.

 Jackson checking out the pool water. It was a bit cold...

Some neighbors gave us an old bike that belonged to their daughters. Molly is beyond thrilled to have it! It has training wheels on it now and is really meant for probably at least a 7 year old, but that doesn't stop her! My friend is also letting us borrow their balance bike. (Thanks Karen!)

Guess who else has a new bike?! Me!! Justin and I both got road bikes. I have been wanting one for a while to use in triathlons. We are going to do the Layton triathlon next month. My second time and Justin's first triathlon! My old mountain bike just doesn't cut it for these. You know it's bad when people are passing you going DOWNHILL!! Anyway, we are pretty happy with them. (Happy Mother's Day and Father's Day to us!)

Just for fun and totally changing topics, I saw this ad and am in love with this living room! If only kids did well with light furniture...But I can dream! And a baby grand piano. I would love one one day!

Lastly I dropped off a bunch of stuff at Saver's the other day (thrift store). I happened to see this very cool mirror sitting next to the building and asked how I could get it. They told me they were going to tag it and have it on the floor in about 10 minutes. For $9.99 it's now mine! I am holding onto it for our future home. But wouldn't it look so pretty painted another color? I'm excited about it!

And in other news before I quit here, Justin has a second job interview tomorrow with a firm downtown. Please cross your fingers for us! It would be a great job! He's made it past the partners and will meet with the senior associates tomorrow for the call back interview.


Christine said...

Those really are the cutest lounge chairs. And I am with you, I love light furniture, but I just think of the mess that Jake would cause!

Karen said...

My neighbors have those lounge chairs and i love them. Congrats on the official road bike. I bet you are going to zoom in your tri next month!!!

Emily said...

Love Ali on the top stair!! So cute :)

You should invite yourself to that pool all the time!

Yay- bikes all around, awesome!!

Love the mirror!!

emily said...

oh i will cross my fingers for ya!

those pool chairs are so super cute!!! especially with your girls on them. :)

oh i love my road bike - i'm sure you will too. maybe now you can pass those mountain bikers on the up and down hills. have fun at the tri!