Saturday, November 2, 2013


We had a lot of fun for Halloween. Molly was a fancy kitty and Ali was a 50's girl with a poodle skirt.

In the day we went to Justin's firm for some fun. They trick or treated around the office first. Then we had pizza. They had coloring pages, you could draw on mini pumpkins with sharpies and they even had a toy for each kid to pick. Oh and they had the Charlie Brown Halloween movie playing in the conference room as well while you were eating. Everyone in the office was dressed up and they even had prizes.

I was a robber and Jackson was my money bag. Easiest costumes ever!

Justin was Justin Bieber!

After we left his work we headed straight over to the neighbor's for their Halloween party. It was decorated so cute.

We had a few fire pits where people congregated to eat.

It was potluck. We brought soups, rolls, appetizers and had a few desserts. It was really fun and a great way for us to meet a few more neighbors on our street.

For my birthday this year, my mom had my Boo Kitty quilt quilted for me! I had it almost finished last year. I just needed to sew one border on. She told me if I finished it she would quilt it. That's all I needed to finish!

Here's a close up. My mom bought the panels for this several years ago and bought enough for her daughters to all make a quilt. This was way before any of us were into it. If you can see, it was quilted in a spider web pattern.

Here's my happy jack. I had to hang him up.

My mom made each of the girls this pillow. I love the cute fabric!

I took the girls trick or treating while Justin and Jackson headed back to our house to hand out candy. A few houses down, Ali tripped and fell onto her hand that was burned 2 weeks before. She decided to be done! So we took her home and Molly and I continued on. We caught up to some neighbors and friends of hers, so that was fun.

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