Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Couldn't Be Helped

As I've gotten older, I have found that it's true. I am turning into my mom! Good thing she is a great lady! I was reminded about this yesterday as I got an email from Pottery Barn Kids saying that their Thanksgiving was now marked up to 60% off.

My mom is all about decorating and holidays and it has definitely rubbed off on me. After seeing the email I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be cute to have little thanksgiving plates for the kids? They would love them!" And let's be honest, I would love them too :)

So off we went downtown.

 Check out the cute plates I found! I wanted to have a set, so I grabbed 4, one of each design.

I thought the little sayings and the pictures were so cute.

They are normally priced $6 each, but they were on sale for $2.99 each. Aren't they adorable?

When I saw the matching cups, I needed them too, so I grabbed one of each to match each plate. And now I have a complete little set! I said no to the bowls because I'm so strong ;) ha! 

They still have more, so hurry in if you want some too!

Just for fun, here's my cute boy. We have this booster sitting by the basket in the background and Jackson loves to pull it out, grab a book, sit down and read. Melts my heart!


emily said...

so cute! i totally love them all.

Niederfam said...

I should have sent MY list with you. DUH. ;( They are of course VERY cute.