Monday, November 25, 2013

Master bathroom

We have been working on decorating the master bathroom.We have so much blue around the house that I knew I wanted some other color. One of my favorite colors is green. I am in love with mint green right now, so we decided to use that. I first found my towels (long story short) at Target. They are called mint ash or something like that. They are a gray mint green, but I still like them.

While researching some ideas of what we could hang on our walls, I found this awesome decorative tile art at The House of Smiths blog. Since I love to copy other people, that's what I did! ;)

She has all the info on her blog, so I didn't do any kind of a tutorial here. But we bought a big piece of wood at Lowe's and had it cut to the size we wanted (29" by 29"). We decided to use 4 tiles instead of 6 like they used. The wood tiles are from World Market.

I already had some gray paint, so after sanding the wood down, I primed it with that. Then I used some mint green paint over that. I distressed the wood after that.

We used command strips to hang the tiles on the board and then mounted the whole thing to the wall.

I found the little topiary at Rod Works and I made the monogram, printed it on card stock and framed it. I just googled "how to make a monogram" and found a free tutorial using Microsoft word on someone's blog.

I found this canvas print at TJ Maxx with several colors in it to go here. The basket is from Home Goods.

I found this rug at Target for $9 on clearance. I had been looking and looking and took back several rugs before I found this one. I really like the pattern and the color was just what I wanted. I used the color of this rug when choosing the green to paint the wood. Clearance at Target is one of the things in life that makes me happiest, and this was no exception! Ha.

That's it! I'm really happy with how it all turned out.

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Christine said...

Adorable. LOVE House of Smiths and LOVE command strips! BEST. THINGS. EVER