Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Season

For the this week I thought the kids would enjoy making a thankful tree. The kids really enjoyed thinking of things to put on the leaves. When Molly went upstairs after we had written a few down, she came down half dressed saying she needed to add one. "We need to write God and Heavenly Father!" It was so cute. She was really thinking about it :)

I bought a donut pan a few months back and have never used it. I finally decided we should make some pumpkin donuts. They were pretty good! Justin isn't a huge pumpkin fan, but even he thought they were pretty good. They had cinnamon sugar on the top, so how can anyone resist that?!

I'm so excited that I get to decorate a mantle! I thought I had lots of decorations (and for the average person I have a ton probably) but I didn't have much to put here. While in Park City for the girls weekend, we walked into Michael's who had all of their fall stuff 80% off! I love a good sale.

 I grabbed a bunch of different sized pumpkins and gourds in different colors. I bought most of them for $1-$2. They were normally priced about $6 or $7 and up!

 My mom found me this cute wagon at DI a couple years ago I think.

At a different Michael's, they had these cute scalloped frames for $2 last week! Total score. I bought 2 and would have bought more if I could think of more places for them! This printable can be found at the blog eighteen25.

I also got these fake flowers to put in a vase I already had.

Justin bought me flowers for my birthday one year and they came in this cute red fall pot. I've just held onto it and thought it would be perfect to add into the mix. Of course I've had my candles and candlesticks forever...or since we got married I should say ;)

I paid around $20 for everything on the mantle, including the flowers in the vase. Not too bad!

Here is what I have on my little sofa table. This is stuff I already had.

My mom found these cute pilgrim figurines a few years ago at this really small, cute shop called Randee and Company in Holladay. I've been looking for some indians to go with them, but am still working on it.

I know, I have 2 wheel barrows. But aren't they just cute? I found this at Rod Works many moons ago.

 Here's where I am working :) I need to get some greenery to come out of this pot. (Another DI find by my mom...the personal shopper thing is awesome. But now that I'm not in her house it might not be as great as it once was ;) )

You can also see the little chair to the left. I had a cute little turkey that that Molly knocked over and broke a few days ago :( so now I need to replace it with something else.

This is in my entry way. The banner is also at the eighteen25 blog. I just printed it out onto card stock and hung it with some ribbon I had.

I'm sure you've seen this. I made it several years ago and had it framed while I was at BYU. I love to cross stitch!

This is another gift from my mom this year. This cute little owl named Sebastian. I think she said she found them a year ago at a boutique.

This is Molly's trapezoid turkey. Isn't he the cutest? I love it. This is the folder her teacher showed us at SEP conferences the other night. Her teacher told us that this shows what Molly is like--meticulous in everything she does. I didn't really think about it, but she is right. Molly wants everything to be straight and perfect and right where it goes.

She is doing well in school. She is always on task and can anticipate what's coming next in the schedule. She is making lots of friends and she loves kindergarten. She has mastered most of the things she is supposed to this year, except for a few that she will keep working on for the rest of the year. It was a fun experience. Justin and I were both able to go. We had a neighbor watch the other kids.

My brother Ryan and his family came into town yesterday and tonight we are having a dinner together. Kind of a pre-thanksgiving dinner since we are on the off year for the Galbraith side. We are excited to see them! I made pumpkin cheesecake for the event. I hope it turned out! It's in the fridge right now. This is the first time I've made cheesecake. I had to borrow a pan, but as far as I can tell I followed the directions! The recipe is here if you are interested from Our Best Bites.

Enjoy your weekend!

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mollymom said...

I know this sounds werid but I grew up with some pilgrim figurines just like these. I will pay you $75 if you ever want to sell them. Just let me know. I would love to take them off your hands for the memories. Thanks Marcie Smith