Thursday, November 7, 2013

Girls Weekend

Last weekend my sister Natalie and I went up to Park City for a little stay over. My mom met us up there. We had no kids and no real agenda. It was a nice little break!

We got to the outlets at about 4:45 and met my mom. We checked out a few stores and then we ate at Red Rock for dinner. Yummy. We all liked what we got. After dinner we headed over to TJ Maxx which was near by. We stayed there until closing time at 9:30. We checked in at our hotel (we were using my parents time share at the Marriott Mountainside), got situated and then Nat and I went and sat in the hot tub (my mom passed) for a bit and then we headed to bed.

Saturday morning Natalie and I hit the gym at the hotel for a bit, then we got ready and ate at Kneaders for breakfast. Who doesn't love their french toast? So delicious! Then my mom headed home at that point and Natalie and I went back over to the outlets to a few stores we didn't hit before. We had Zupa's for lunch, hit a nearby little nail place for some pedicures and then we decided to hit Salt Lake! We hit Nordstrom Rack on the way to City Creek. We shopped around City Creek for a while and then we went to Rio Grande Cafe for dinner (a favorite of Nat's in-laws). We had some yummy food and then we headed back to our homes! We stopped for some Nielsen's ice cream on the way.

It was a lot of fun! Thanks to my parents for letting us use it and to our hubbies for watching our kiddos! It is so nice to just be yourself for a bit, even for only a day. Til next time! Hopefully Emily and Becky can come! And maybe a bit warmer weather?! :) Although the weather was beautiful. We had sun and it was pretty warm, I think in the 50s? Pretty good for Park City in November!


Laura said...

Sounds Heavenly. Next time I am coming! :)

emily said...

sounds so great!

Niederfam said...

It was delightful, thanks for being the perfect partner in crime!!!