Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bear River Lodge

The day after Christmas we headed with most of the Galbraith side up to Christmas Meadows, UT. It is just past Evanston, on the way to the Uintah's. Here are all of the cute kids.

Grandma and Grandpa had one more Christmas gift for each of them to open.

My mom made them all these cute owl hats.

Are they cute, or what?!

My two nephews, Mitt and Major,  got minion hats.

Since we were all together, we celebrated a few of the birthdays. Ali's birthday is January 10th, so here she is opening her gift from grandma and grandpa. She got a Dora game, a book, and a cute pink tutu skirt and shirt.

Singing happy birthday to the birthday kiddos! Ali, Lexie and Major.

The following day we rented snowmobiles. The girls were excited to go.

Jackson even got to go out for a quick ride with dad.

It was a beautiful day! Behind us is the cabin we all stayed in. We had the basement to ourselves. It has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and family area. It fit all of us just right. On the main floor is a big living space with a kitchen, then a large bedroom and extra bathroom. Upstairs is a big loft with big bean bags and 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms.

We went for a long ride and Ali fell asleep! Here she is when we made it to Lily Lake. Totally out!

Me, Ali, Molly and Justin. Grandpa stayed behind with Jackson and my niece Romy, while the rest of us went on this ride.

Molly and Lexie making snow angels.

After we turned the snowmobiles back in, the kids all wanted to head to the hot tub. Here are the brave souls who went :)

Jackson spent lots of quality time with grandpa.

The kids were so funny. They kept getting out and putting their hands, feet, faces and even rolling into the snow! So silly. Molly didn't get out to try it for a while, but she finally got brave enough (or the peer pressure was too much!) and she went out and put her feet in the snow.

Ali definitely didn't get out or touch any snow, but this was her trick :)

We had a blast! We came a couple years ago for our first time, but there wasn't too much snow and we only stayed a day. This time we stayed 2 nights and it was the perfect amount of time. All the kids had a ball and the adults did too. Thanks mom and dad for providing the fun!

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emily said...

that really looks like the perfect post-Christmas get-away. glad a lot of you got to go! snow fun! :)