Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

Our kids were very good to us and slept in until their normal time of 7:30 am on Christmas morning! 
This is what it looked like in the family room after Santa came by.

The kids were really excited about the car Santa left for them. Molly and Ali asked for a "Barbie car". We let them drive it up and down from the kitchen to the family room. Then later they took it outside when it had warmed up a bit. I'm sure it will be used more frequently when the weather is nicer!

Opening stockings.

Santa brought Jackson a workbench and tools. He loves them.

I love Molly's reaction to her gift in this picture. From Santa.

Merida, from the movie Brave.

Ali got an "American Girl Doll". (It's a look a like but that means I'm not worried about her getting ruined or being mistreated!) She was really excited.

Jackson's favorite "toys" in the house are the broom, mop, and watching the vacuum. We decided he needed his own.

Jackson helping daddy open this puffy vest.

Playing with some of their gifts.

Molly and her loot. Lalaloopsy bed, sticker scene, jeans, Merida, and Elsa doll.

 Ali and her loot: Lalaloopsy bed, doll, sticker scene, and Anna doll.
This is the best picture i could get of Jackson with his things: Tools and workbench, vacuum and books.
Then my parents came over with more gifts!

Justin got a creme brûlée torch! He loves creme brûlée.

A ball and new shirt for Jackson.

The girls got cute new outfits.

Jackson got a fisher price barn with all the animals, people and tractor. He loved showing grandpa his animals.

We got Jackson a push pop. It was the perfect gift for him. He can chew it and open and close it. The messy part is obviously the downfall. But hey, it's only Christmas once a year!

The girls got little Sofia dolls.

And a neat sweet shop coloring cardboard house thing.

We were able to spend the morning as our little family together. Then my parents and oldest brother Todd came up for brunch and we opened gifts with them. From there we headed up to my sister's house where we had more food and just enjoyed spending time together. It was a really nice Christmas!

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Christine said...

Sounds just perfect. And that car! Wow!