Friday, January 24, 2014

Physical Therapy

I've been having issues with my back for a while. A year ago in September I jumped on a trampoline (dumb!) and the next morning I woke up and couldn't move. Bad decision. This was when I was lifting Jackson into and out of a crib several times a day too. I've had the same issue in my lower back. It happened once when Molly was a baby and I had a chiropractor adjust my back and it fixed it.

But since last year I haven't been able to find someone that I trust to fix my back. I saw one guy right after the trampoline incident and he made me wait a whole day to see my x-rays before doing any adjustment. I could barely walk. Needless to say, I only saw him a couple times before I decided he wasn't after my best interest. I did find a guy I like in Star Valley, WY though! We went up the following weekend after the trampoline incident and I saw him and it helped. But obviously I didn't live close enough to go back. I saw a couple others but didn't like how they did things either.

In December I went and saw a movie and couldn't sit in a position for more than a few minutes. So I decided I needed to figure something out! It was tricky because I was in a new city and no one knew a good chiropractor. Well, long story short, I decided to try a physical therapist. I really wanted the rehab aspect because it's been a recurring problem.

I went the week of Christmas for my first time. I didn't feel like it made a huge difference at first. I went in a week later twice, and after that I still wasn't sure. But I decided I needed to keep at it a bit longer. So I kept going, about once a week. It's been a little over a month, but it really has made a difference! My SI joint in my lower back (right side) was out of place. So we were fixing that and strengthening my core. It felt kind of silly to do sit ups and leg raises, stuff that I've done in workout videos! But I've done my best to do them twice a day like they suggest.

This past week I saw the chiropractor I like in WY (I've seen him a handful of times since I hurt it over a year ago) and he usually checks the length of my legs to make sure they are the same. It sounds weird, but mine usually aren't. My hips have gotten rotated, so one hip bone pops out more than the other. So that's something we've been working on too. But he said they were the same! Wahoo! And he said my SI joints were in place, which is why my back has been feeling better!

I went in yesterday and the PT says that I don't need to come back in because it has been feeling like normal! So now I will keep doing the exercises and just go back in if needed. Yay for getting rid of the pain. And now I have it documented somewhere. I'm not saying there aren't any good chiropractors, because I think there are. But I also think there are many bad ones too. If you have a good one, it makes a huge difference. But I think the combo of a chiropractor and a PT has really good outcomes. They both do similar things, yet different.


emily said...

i'm so glad you figured it out and that it's better! back pain is no fun.

erinmalia said...

ugh. i'm so sorry you suffered through this, but am so happy you're feeling better. moms should NOT be sick/hurt/whatever.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Ali. I still remember when you decided to give your mom stress and come early!

So glad you have found something that has helped your back. Hopefully it can stay feeling better

Coleen Ure said...

Wow what an ordeal, I'm happy you are getting some relief. I have also had back pain on and off, lower right pain in my back. I found some relief with an inversion table, but honestly the thing that solved the problem for good was regular exercise and stretching. After I have a baby it's always painful and I don't have enough time to take care of myself until the baby is a bit older. Now that I have been going to the gym and doing weights, cardio, and yoga/pilates regularly, my back feels fantastic. But I don't always have time for that like I do now!

Emily said...

I remember talking with you about all of this and you saying you wanted to find a PT but never heard anything else about it. I'm SO glad to hear that you are feeling better. It's amazing what only a month of exercises has done to your back! Hooray!