Monday, January 13, 2014

Ali turns 4!

Alison turned 4 on January 10th! Early that week I saw this cute princess cake pan on clearance for $2. Ali said she wanted a princess cake, so it was perfect!

The birthday girl requested hot chocolate and donuts. Not gonna lie, the rest of us were also happy with her choice!

Then we had her open one present after she got dressed. A necklace and bracelet that matched and a unicorn bow. (I got each for $1 at the gymboree sale the day after Xmas! They were screaming Ali.)

We have a play date on Fridays with some of the neighbor girls, so we had it at our house to make it a party. It worked out perfect and we invited her cousin as well.

The girls just played and we had lunch and cupcakes.

The girls ALL loved these fun barbie balloons. We also blew up a bunch of pastel balloons that were all over the floor. They wanted to take turns holding the barbie balloons :)

That night Ali wanted to go bowling.

We even got them to add Ali to the Happy Birthday banner on their screens!

Here she is bowling.
Molly bowling.

If you look closely, you will see that Molly beat me :( It's true! Next time I will use the special ladder for kids! Ha.

My neighbor was really nice and helped me whip up the cake. We had 30 minutes, so not bad, considering. I should have taken more time! Oops!

But she was happy!

She got some fun things. The Amulet of Avalor from Sophia the First.

Some pink shoes.

A barbie with 3 different looks: mermaid, fairy or some fancy ball gown.

Dear Alison,

You are still our sassy and spunky girl. But you also have a very sweet and snuggly side to you. This year you have not become so particular with the smallest things. You still want to do everything your big sister does. You love role playing with Molly and usually want to be the baby. Then you love crying like a baby! You love to know what the routine and order for the day is. You love to get yourself dressed right after breakfast all on your own. You are usually the first one to get your jammies on after dinner. You love candy, sweets and treats! You LOVE trying on shoes. At a friend's house, you always have to try on most of their shoes. You are very into pink as of late. You used to like purple, but now like pink. You always ask for the pink bowl or plate first. You have a funny little accent when you talk. We aren't sure where or why you picked it up, but you like to avoid r's. You like to color and create things. You have been wearing pull ups all year and have decided since turning 4 that you are a big girl and don't need them! Since deciding that, you have gone day and night dry! This is huge for you. We are so proud! We love it when we really get you laughing and when you love to cuddle up next to us in the morning. You are a morning girl and are usually one of the first up each day. We love having you in our family!

Love, Mom and Dad

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emily said...

Aw, what a sweet day for such a cute and sweet 4 year-old! So fun!

She has very many similarities to my girls . . . love it!