Monday, June 8, 2009


We had a fun time in Boise this weekend visiting Justin's sister Sunny and her husband Kyle. Most of Justin's side of the family could be there and we had a good time. We had the trip planned a few months back and the original reason was for the annual Pendleton Memorial-Justin's family tradition of playing golf every year. Since we thought Sunny would be on bedrest still, we chose to have it in Boise. We were lucky (in one sense) that the triplets were born so we could see them while we there.

Here is a picture of the room where all three girls are. The third incubator is back behind the nurse.

These are the diapers they wear! Can you believe how small they are?!

The triplets continue to do well. It was so crazy to see how tiny they were and that they could actually move and function!
Here's Carly.

This is either Madison or McKenna.

Carly again. I can tell Carly because she is the only one on a different device into her nose than the others. I'd probably explain it wrong, but she is on what's called a cannula.

Me and Carly.

Justin and Madison

Sunny, Kyle and Madison

Outside the NICU they have a little play area for kids that was perfect for Molly. So we just took turns having someone watch her while I went and saw the babies. I have never seen babies so small! But they are starting to get little personalities and they have gained a few ounces so far. Carly has gained the most weight so far and that will continue as they eat more. They sure were precious, even though they were so small!
Molly found a little activity mat for the triplets in the corner of their room. Since they don't have kids yet, they didn't really have any toys. Poor Molly got bored a few times, but she sure was happy to come home and see her toys! It was like Christmas!

We went to dinner at a chinese place one night and they had this little chinese statue guy and Molly was so excited to check him out because he was the same size as her!

And here is the unveiling of my large project! I made three quilts for the babies! I finished them right in time and Justin brought them when he drove up. Molly and I were fortunate to fly to Boise!
Here's a close up of the blocks. Her colors in the nursery are pink, blue and green.

Here's how I "wrapped" them.

I used primarily the really soft minky fabric, and then some flannel, cotton and chenille as well in the blocks.
They are all the same except they have a different border color. So here's the green one.

and pink!

Here's Sunny with the quilts. She can't wait til her babies are the same size and she can hold them all like this! :) It's nice to finally have these done!

And finally I must tell you that JUSTIN won the golf tournament! It came down to the very last hole. He and his dad were tied, but he won! He was pretty excited. This is the first time he's won in years. All of his siblings played golf in hs except for him, so he sometimes feels at a disadvantage but he's gotten better lately and was finally able to prove it! Now he has bragging rights for the year.


Karen said...

That babies are darling and the quilts are darling! Good job!

erinmalia said...

the quilts turned out soooo super cute. i love the minky. and you did wrap them very nicely. good job aunt nicole!

galbraithfam said...

Oh,Nicole--You have to be the favorite SIL. You are so sweet, I'm sure Sunny really appreciated it. I know I would! That took you so much time and effort--they turned out AMAZING! And what a cute idea on how to 'wrap' them. And I can't believe how teeny the triplets are. So darling though--it ALMOST makes me want to have another one--just not yet. : ) I'm so glad you are home!

Christine said...

I can't believe that diaper! Wow. I am glad that they are all plugging along. Those quilts are amazing

Emily said...

Raise the roof for Justin!! Woo!! I knew it had been awhile since he won, and sounds like it was neck and neck! Nice going!

The quilts are FABULOUS of course. The girls will love them and drag them all over the house in no time. Sounds like such a fun weekend!

Oh, and Molly would love China. There is crap like that everywhere. Except she would be yelled at in Chinese for touching it!

Brookie P. said...

Hey, glad you had fun! Wish we could of been there, but I had to work, and it is too hard to change Laney's schedule! (Besides the fact I am so exhausted!) Your quilts are darling! Call the non-favorite sister in law when you get a chance to tell me about the trip and the babies!

Brooke said...

WOW! They are so small I can't believe it! You did such a great job on those quilts, they're beautilful!

Jeff and Kathryn said...

I can't believe you made all those quilts! You're amazing!

Becky said...

You are such a good auntie. Darling quilts! And I'm glad the babies are doing well.