Thursday, June 4, 2009


Does this ever happen to you? Right before you have to go somewhere you can't find your wallet? Or keys or whatever? Man, you'd think adults would have this silly game figured out!! Not me I guess!

Molly is napping and we are leaving for Boise in a few hours on a plane. So of course my wallet is MIA!! I searched everywhere--our whole floor, upstairs, out in the car, etc. I have been racking my brain for the last hour trying to think where it could be since I had it just last night! I searched drawers, through Molly's things, in garbages and nowhere!

Then I finally had a break through. Last night I was delivering invites at the apts nearby and I remembered that I put it in the middle compartment thingy! Ahh! Why do I do things like that? Of course I won't remember by the time I get home. Needless to say, I was just to the point where I was going to panic! And I had a headache before all this happened (sigh). I think it's time for my nap!


Melissa said...

We must be related! Hee hee!

Christine said...

It is mommy brain! I hate it. I never used to be spacey, but I have so many things to worry about when getting in/out of the car!

Becky said...

Maybe you're pregnant... ;) haha, J/K