Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I put Molly down for a late nap because she was being all whiny. I could hear her crying, but was hoping she'd fall asleep. Well I finally went down to check on her about a half hour later and found her bare bum and she'd peed on the sheet! Ha ha! She threw her diaper over the crib (well portacrib since we're not at our house)!! Ha ha! I was just laughing. She's never done that before! Now I usually put her down with pants on, but hers were wet, hence the no pants. I wish I had my camera!


Emily said...

Molly is crazy!! What was she thinking?! I would have laughed too.

Jane and Stuart said...

That makes me laugh, you didn't tell me she had peed on the sheet! Good luck babysitting for a few more days, let me know if you go swimming again, or if you just need a friend to talk too. I am a little bored since I am not working any more!