Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three new children

This week Justin and I are babysitting three kiddos in our neighborhood while their parents are living the life in Hawaii! We are staying at their house the whole time! It's going pretty well so far. Luckily they have camp M, W, and F from 9-3! So nice for me! Justin's helpful when he's here, but that's not often.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun at my niece Shay's 1st birthday party. The boys definitely livened it up! We were short on family members, but I don't think anyone noticed with the addition of 3. They are pretty good kids, but bedtime is a bit rough and mornings :) as you can imagine. And one good thing is that they are really good with Molly. They love to play with her and hold her and help her, so that's nice. But I will say that I'm glad they come one at a time (usually)! Too bad we don't get a week in Hawaii when we're done!

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