Monday, June 1, 2009

First Haircut!

Today I took Molly to get her hair cut at Great Clips up the street. She was very good! She just sat in the seat and didn't turn her head too much, so it went well.

I just had her trim it really, so it was even. I want to grow out her bangs, so she just made those even too. She even got a sucker!

You probably can't even tell it's cut, but here it is! (The balloon is from the grocery store)

The back. I wanted to make sure it would still work in pigtails.


Sunny said...

She looks so cute, as always! Also, I love her little skirt!

Meg and Colby said...

she is so darling !

Brookie P. said...

So cute. She is getting so big!

emily said...

totally cute. oh, i can't wait for pigtails. sigh.

Matt & Heidi said...

Nicole - I have a question about your blog book you made- what is your email address? email me at heidimaxfield at hotmail dot com, or leave me a comment on my blog.
Heidi (Broadwater) Maxfield