Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disney on Ice

We went to Disney on Ice last weekend with Justin's parents and Molly. We had a lot of fun. We had a bit of a mixup when we arrived. Our tickets were for the wrong time! We had someone get the tickets for us, so we didn't even think to look. Luckily we headed to guest services and they hooked us up with even better tickets!!

We were on the 8th row, just left of center stage! We had awesome seats!


The brooms were pretty neat!

Ok this part was funny. Molly said, "That's not Minnie's fairy godmother! She is Cinderella's godmother!" She was so adamant that they got it wrong! We had to explain that Minnie was having a dream where the fairy godmother appeared to her.

Lots of the princesses were there, except for Molly's favorite, Sleeping Beauty. I was hoping she wouldn't notice but she turned and asked me, "Where is Sleeping Beauty?" So that was sad.

Jessie, Woody and Buzz were there with the troll, army guy, dinosaur and I think the penguin too.

Grandpa couldn't say no to Molly! He bought her her choice...Ariel. Spoiled girl! Molly was in a trance the whole time and loved it. We might have to do this every year!


Meg and Colby said...

Next time you should do the same thing and pretend you mixed up the time and get better seats! jk. That is awesome though!

Niederfam said...

So fun, I KNOW she LOVED LOVED it.