Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last week

I'm a bit slow posting these, but last Sunday my sister Emily's baby Elise was blessed in church. I took a few pictures of the beautiful dress my mom made for Elise's special day.

Isn't it gorgeous? Emily told my mom to do whatever she wanted and she came up this. Elise looked so pretty in it! Too bad I was busy chasing around girls to take any pictures with the baby! Ha.

All the kiddos after the blessing. (Major, Mitt, Emery, Shay, Lexie, Ali, Molly) It was a beautiful, sunny day!

One day last week while Ryan and Becky were visiting we went and saw Grandpa Watkins. We were a lot of people for his room, but I think he enjoyed it!

St. Patrick's Day
Molly finding the leprechaun footprints!

The girls excited!

The footprints led to some Lucky Charms

Enjoying the spoils

We went to see Natalie and company later that day to just hang out.

Ali and Emery. Little Cindy Lou's!

Aren't they cute?

Well Ryan and Becky have gone now and we didn't document their time with us very well, but we had a lot of fun and were always on the go!! Thanks so much for coming you guys! We wish we saw you more often.

As for an update on Molly, we went and saw the doctor yesterday for a one week follow up. Her chin looks great! The doctor was really pleased and we are too. He even went and got his camera to take some pictures. He wants to see her in another month, but as for now we have switched to using these very thin bandaids that are probably half an inch long and 1/16 in. wide. We put 4 on the cut line and that's it! We just leave them there until they fall off, then put some new ones on. That was good news.

Justin is on spring break this week and is getting in all his hours for the week early so we can head to St. George Wednesday afternoon for a little r&r. His birthday is on Thursday so it should be fun!!


emily said...

wow, you guys have been busy! busy fun, so that's good.

everyone looks adorable. i love the cindy lou's. :)

and so glad her chin is looking great - you guys must be taking great care of it. good for you.

and have a fun spring break!

emily said...

p.s. the dress is A-mazing. so beautiful.

Christine said...

love that they footprints led to lucky charms. Too funny!

So glad Molly is doing ok.

Melissa said...

That is such a beautiful dress! It looks like you had lots of fun with cousins! I love it when they come to visit. =0)

Wendy said...

I love the dress! And what a cute idea with the leprechaun prints and Lucky Charms! I may have to steal it ;). The pic of Ali and Emery with their Cindy Lou do's is so cute!