Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A few thoughts...

I went with both girls to the dentist on Monday. I was very impressed with Molly! We convinced her to let the hygienist actually clean her teeth! Yah! Much better than last time (she was NOT convinced). And no cavities!! We even had the dentist check out Alison's teeth (she has 8! Really!) and he said they look good.

The funny part was when the dentist told her the following.
"Try not to eat a lot of candy, or chocolate milk or fruit snacks."

Molly: "Chocolate! I love chocolate! It's my favorite!"

No, Molly, no. We do NOT tell the dentist that we loooove chocolate to his face! We discuss it LATER. Oh well. It had everyone laughing!


Here is a question for you. And I really want to know your true feelings here!! I was at the gym the other day and I told Justin it was the first time since I've been going there that I saw someone naked in the dressing room. Now this wasn't a "wow, I'm shocked" moment. Obviously people dress there. I get it! But I don't feel comfortable doing that. Do you?

After I swim while at the gym, I take a shower in the largest stall they have and then I change while I'm in there with the curtain pulled. That's what I feel comfortable with. Justin thinks I'm crazy and he has no problem with it. But I think it's different for guys than girls. I don't necessarily know why, but it's different. Am I right? Maybe I'm crazy. Let me know your thoughts here! I'd like to think I'm not the only one who feels this way, but maybe I'm wrong!


erinmalia said...

oh rhett would totally admit to his love of chocolate. you're not alone.

well, after living many years outside of utah and spending some time in a lot of locker rooms, i have no more modesty in there. i'm not saying i'm really comfortable with it, but i think it would be more out of place for me to hide things than just be naked. i'm quick and don't linger or chat, but i'm not changing in a bathroom though.

i do think it's different for girls, if only because we're sooooo much more self-conscious. boys have been naked in locker rooms for years, while i don't remember it happening that much pre-high school graduation.

Emily said...

Ok NO that is NOT normal!!! I have NEVER seen any girl do that in the locker room ever. Not when I was on swim team, or cheer (and those drill girls were riske'). I agree with you. It's normal for boys I guess but not for girls. That would weird me out too.

emily said...

to be fully naked is totally weird to me. i would never do it. i would change in a locker room, but only doing it discretely, you know? funny.

i love chocolate, too.

Nick and Megan said...

If you only lived in Vegas...I have been to many locker rooms and seen my fair share of naked crazies, but can I just tell you my first experience here tops them ALL! She was about 40 and she decided it would be a good idea to dry her hair under the hand dryer. Which is pretty common but, instead of kneeling or bending her knees she decided to do a back bend to get her head under the dryer, BUTT naked. ya! try to avert your eyes from that coming out of the bathroom stall. So the question is am I uncomfortable with nudity? After this incident absolutely not!! Before it wouldn't have bothered me. Just as long as they are quick and not drawing attention to themselves.

Hey, you said you wanted my opinion sorry if you didn't want the details! :)

Emily said...
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Niederfam said...

HONESTY.......I LOVE it. ;)

Much more common for a guy to bare all.....women are just too self conscious and as a woman, I am simply that, however, I don't wait for an open room to change in either. While I'm definitely not on display...... I'm just efficient and on my way!!! I think pregnancy and birth shocked all the modesty right out of me!! I mean REALLY. ;)