Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visiting teaching conference idea

My lovely visiting teaching partner, Jane, found this idea right in time for General Conference this weekend. It's just a little handout/goodie bag for the ladies you visit. You can find the link here. I thought it was cute, so I'm sharing with you.

You need popcorn, lotion, gum and a notepad. That's it! Then print off the little handout, package it, and you're good to go! I realize this is late notice, but conference does come around every 6 months!

The supplies

The note.

Package it in a little bag however you want and that's it! You're done! Now I just need to drop mine off!


Brett & Sydnie said...

I guess I'll be seeing you soon! I'm excited!

I hope St George was great!

Christine said...

LOVE this! I am so doing it.