Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alison at 18 mos.

I wanted to record some things about Ali at this age. I was also going to put some new pictures up but I can't find my connector cord! This is my second cord so I better find it!!

Anyway, Ali is talking and can probably say about 15 words or so (maybe more??). She can tell you many animal sounds like the cow, horse, kitty, dog, lion, tiger, owl, duck and more. If she wants something she says "anana". I have no idea where she picked it up and what it's supposed to mean (as in what word she is trying to say) but that's what it sounds like and if we hear that we know she wants something we have or she sees! She loves vegetables. It sounds weird, but it's true! Last night for dinner that's pretty much what she ate! She likes peas, carrots, green beans, and broccoli. It's awesome! If she doesn't want something she just nods her head forcefully! She doesn't say "no" actually, just shakes her head! It's pretty funny.

She says: doggy, kitty, bunny, bear, all done, all gone, sister (sissy), nose, ears, eyes, mama, dada, bye bye, grandma and grandpa (which sounds like ga ga), and a few others I'm sure I'm missing.

Lately she is jealous of what Molly does/says/has/who's holding her. The past week or so she will be all upset if Molly gets something and she wants it. Whether it's a toy or food, she is all jealous! Even if Molly has the object first. So we are getting through that!

She loves to climb on everything and make a mess. Molly is such a girl and wants clean hands and Ali goes and pulls out the dirt in my mom's potted flowers! She's into the toilet and anything that will make a mess. I have to watch her or else I will for sure be cleaning something!

This morning she slept in the longest to date (at least that I can think of!)--8:30! She is usually up between 6:45-7:15 am give or take every morning. She has all her teeth. Her fangs on top are poking in but everything else is in. She HATES us brushing her teeth even though we do it twice a day! You'd think she'd get over it since we aren't giving up, but nope!

She loves to pick up headbands and put them around her neck like a collar. No clue why. Then she leans her head down to hold it in place I guess? So silly!

She still loves her binky and bunny blanket/pink kitty/cougar. She will take any of them. She loves to take the kitty's tail or her bunny's ear and she rubs them under her nose! It is so silly! We think she smells them and it's comforting to her or something! I need to get a picture because it's pretty funny.

We love our Ali Bug!


emily said...

awwww she sounds positively delightful. :) what a cutie.

Christine said...

Sweet munchkin. And sleeping til 8:30, what a treat for you!

Jeff and Kathryn said...

So darling! I'll be lucky if my daughter is half as cute!