Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

 We went to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point this week for another $2 Tuesday with some friends! My girls loved the animals. It was definitely hot, but it wasn't as crowded as when I've been in the past, so that was a bonus.

 Ali loves animals and gets so excited!

 Ali was trying to pet all the animals and Molly was definitely more hesitant, but she got into it as time went on.

 A girl gave us her extra food so we got to feed it to some animals! I was helping Ali feed this guy.

 I forgot the name of this animal, but he is a descendant of the camel. They came right up once they saw our food! Then they licked it off!

 So excited to move on and see new animals!

 They had some of the prettiest horses!! Molly was brave and pet them.

 Ali got in on the petting too!

 Checking out the ducks.

 And the bunnies.

 Going for a wagon ride.

 I love this little room where they can play. They had a lot of fun.

 Ali was just happy sitting on the floor, kicking her legs!

 Riding on the tractor.

 Sitting on the cow bench!

See, I told you they were pretty!

Then my friend knew of a fun splash park in Alpine so we headed there. The water felt AMAZING!! We were so hot from the farm. It was so refreshing.

 Molly loved it!

 I liked that it is so natural looking too.

 Isn't it pretty? You can see a fountain in the back. There is a whole area over there with tons of fountains that shoot up that some of the braver kids were running through!

 Ali loved the water too. It was perfect for her since the water wasn't deep and she didn't have to go through any fountains if she didn't want to. (It makes her nervous!)

If you live close to this one, you should definitely check it out!! It's free, so it made for a cheap day of fun! This was one of our most fun days this summer!


emily said...

it definitely looks like a "best" kind of day! so fun.

Emily said...

That splash pad looks awesome, and yes you are right- I love how natural it looks. I cannot believe how much in the water Molly is! She has really taken strides this summer.

Thanksgiving point looks great- I love Ali's love for animals! So cute!

Christine said...

I had no idea they had a petting zoo at thanksgiving point. What fun. A great idea to end with the splash park-their cheeks were looking mighty rosy:)

Meg said...

Glad this was one of your best days this summer!! Fun was had by all:)

Niederfam said...

Looks SUPER fun. I love the "Splash Pad" kinda reminds me of the one in St. George, although without the Red Rock, obviously. PERFECT.