Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family resemblance?

I scanned in a picture of me as a baby, so I thought it would be fun to compare Justin and I with our girls!! I think Molly was around 18 mos. in this family picture.

Ali at 18-19 months here

Justin with his siblings and mom. I'm not sure how old Justin is here. But I do love his pink jammies!!

Who knew what I was getting myself into?!

Another picture of Molly. She is probably closer to 2 here.

Summer of '84, so I was almost a year.

Molly, about 8 months

Well, what do you think? Everyone says that my girls look like Justin! Do you still think so?!!


erinmalia said...

oh those pictures are awesome. i have no idea who your kids look like: i can't even do that with my own. but it's fun to see your old pics.

Karen said...

I still think they look more like Justin, but I can see more of your features. I think Ali has your eyes and Molly has resemblances as well!

emily said...

this is probably a cop-out answer: but i say they are a perfect mix (and a darling one, too) of you and justin. so there. :)

Meg said...

either way...they're beautiful. Let's talk about Justin's pink jammies tough...they rock. Real boys wear pink, right??

Christine said...

No! Now I think they are a perfect mix of both of you!

Jane and Stuart said...

I think my like you, but a good mix! They are so cute!