Friday, August 19, 2011

Museum of Ancient Life

 Two weeks ago we went to Thanksgiving Point's Dinosaur Museum for $2 Tuesday! Through the month of August on Tuesdays you can get into any event for only $2! Adult or child. We had never been to the dinosaur museum and Molly wanted to go. We went when Justin got off work.

 Checking out the different fossils.

 Some of the dinosaurs were massive!! Standing next to his leg.

 Ali wanted to get in on the fun too!

 The girls and Justin climbed through a little cave.

They even had Jaws! Ha ha.

Molly got to look for artifacts with a paint brush in the sand. She loved it. We tried to convince Ali. We aren't quite sure why she didn't want to do it. After all she loves making any mess!

 Who can pass up a 50 cent cone? Not us!

We are teaching Ali to lick ice cream cones! She tries to eat them! It's pretty funny.


Stacie said...

We just went because Austin's work gave us tickets...we should have gone together! Maybe next time. :)

Niederfam said...

twist cones are the BEST.........

Emily said...

Cute girls! Sounds like it was a fun outing for your family!