Monday, August 29, 2011

Visit to the cabin

We headed up to the Provo cabin last night for dinner with Grandpa. My parents, our little fam, my brother Todd and Grandpa Watkins came. Here's Molly checking out the doll. Sitting on the table...? Ok!

 My cute grandpa!!

 Ali checking out the toy stash!

 Playing with the "new" toys. Grandpa remarked, "It's like Christmas for them!" So true! They certainly thought so!

 We played a bit outside too while waiting for dinner to be ready.

 Ali thinks she is such a big girl. She doesn't really want to have much to do with her high chair except for at breakfast. She wants to spoon feed herself which she isn't very good at yet, but she's learning!

Daddy and his girls on the back porch looking at the creek behind.

It felt so great up there! The temperature was nice and cool and it felt like fall, which I LOVE!! I love the smell that is so distinct once you are there--pinecones, pine, and sap is pretty much what I smell!! We really should try to get up there more often. It seems like we are good if we make it once a year but it really is so beautiful and fun we should try harder to get up there more often!


Emily said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun being up there! I wish we made more use of the cabin as well.

On another note, I think Ali is starting to look a lot like you in many ways.

emily said...

oh it does look so nice - the perfect getaway, especially since it's so close. awesome.

and oh yes, bring on fall.