Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flirty Skirts

My mom likes to pick up quilting and crafting magazines and I saw these skirts featured in one of her magazines and I knew I wanted to make them for my girls!! I found this cute fabric called "love" by Amy Butler and it was on sale for half off! Woo hoo! (For those who don't sew or quilt, it's hard to come by a famous designer like Amy and find her fabric for half off so I was pretty excited.)

 I loved that the skirts were two tiers. And they looked pretty simple if I could just sit down and actually cut the pieces out and sew them together! That seems to be the hardest part for me lately!

 After looking for a top to match Ali's skirt for a month or so, I found this little tank top at Old Navy on clearance for $1.99 and I was pretty sure the peachy pink was the perfect shade to match the skirt!

 Molly's top was on clearance at Gap Kids and was just too adorable not to buy!

 Since Ali's top wasn't as "fancy" as Molly's, I made up a rosette and put a pin on the back so I can pin it on the shirt. That way I can take it off when I wash the tank top and not worry about it.

 These skirts are perfect for a tea party

 Or just playing

 The bottom tier of the skirts is the same on both.

And they work for twirling too!


Karen said...

You are so crafty and your girls are so cute. I loved these pictures of them playing. Such fun to have a sister.

Erin said...

CUTE pictures! You are so talented, and I love the tea party. They look like they are good friends.

Becky said...

Really, so cute! Skirts AND the girls.

erinmalia said...

yep, totally cute. oh, girl stuff is so fun!

Coleen Ure said...

Those skirts turned out so cute! Good job!! Good job on your Triathlons, too, I wish I was there to do some more they're really addicting. Are you happy you're about to start your last year of law school?? I'm jealous! We're finally half done, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. :)

Christine said...

Love the skirts AND the cute little table. Such sweet little girls.

Niederfam said...

those are adorable........both of course the skirts and the girls. LOVE em. ;)

just pretend you have three girls and make one for emery next time too!!! ;)