Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's November

I feel like my blog has been so blah these days. Sorry. I really wish I had some exciting stuff going on, but we are just doing the day-to-day, nothing terribly exciting to report thing, as of late. And, to be honest, I've been a lazy crafter, without any motivation. I did make a table runner for an exchange my sister did on her blog. I'll have to share that! I also made a couple baby gifts. But did I take pics? Nope!

Onto more positive things!! I did switch out my Halloween for Thanksgiving yesterday. I got out my Halloween a bit late this year. But yesterday Justin and I were in Project Organize and Clean mode. I started with my decorations since I knew they would make me happy! I like that it's pretty simple. Nothing over the top (well, at least in my book!).

My mom bought me these pilgrims last year from a cute little place called Randee and Company in Holladay. She bought them after Thanksgiving and they were 50% off! I had told her I wanted some pilgrims like hers, and sure enough, she found some!

On a side note, if you need a personal shopper, my mom is the best. I don't think she's taken more than a week to find something! She gets around, I'm telling you!

My mom bought this stitchery pattern and had me make one up for her several years ago. I decided to make one up for myself as well! I had it framed when at BYU, so it has been around for a while. I really like it. It's just classic for fall.

My mom also had a hand in the wagon here and the ceramic bowl with lid (? what do you call this?!!). I think both came from DI or Savers. I didn't even ask for them, yet she picked them up for me! How nice. I still need to add some ribbon to the candles (maybe some tulle?) and I want a plant to go in the white pot coming out. Then it will all feel complete!

You may remember me saying that I finished this last year after the holiday was over, but hey, I was so excited it was all done when I pulled it out this year!! That's kind of how I feel these days...a day late and a dollar short on a lot of things! (Like I cut out everything for a halloween runner and it's still in pieces. I never got it done! And I bought a yummy snack to make for the girls for halloween. Yep, we never did that either. Oops!) I do need to steam this, obviously! Get those wrinkles out of the turkey!

I bought this table runner last year after Thanksgiving at Roberts for half off. I'm so sad to report that this Roberts by me is closed. Boo. Hobby Lobby came in, and well, they didn't really have a chance. Their location wasn't the greatest, but Hobby Lobby and Michael's are both closer to me. Roberts has the best fake flowers of any craft store in my opinion. They are so great for little girl's bows! They also had a 40% off coupon any time you went in, without having the coupon itself. I miss them.

I found these plates with the runner. I think I bought the whole set for less than $20, which is an awesome price.
I love the colors and the design going around the plates. I hope you enjoyed my little tour!!

After I decorated, Justin and I spent several hours cleaning and organizing the girl's room and the rest of the basement. We were seriously going almost all day! It was exhausting, but it feels and looks so good! The girl's room is so tricky since we have no closets, so it always looks messy, even though we have lots of things in containers and boxes. We moved a few things, so now it feels so open. We want to be better about having the girls clean up after they have played. We'll see how long it stays the way it is!!


Niederfam said...

YAY. It looked AMAZING, you did a GREAT job. I HOPE the new plan works better for everyone. WELL DONE.

CUTE Thanksgiving/Fall decorations. LOVE them.

Christine said...

I love it, so very festive and cute.

emily said...

your life sounds like mine. . . :)

your decor is beautiful - i love it all.

Kati said...

You guys do great work!!! I wish I had the energy to switch out to Thanksgiving. The boys have been bugging about it but since we are heading to Utah the 1st we are going to put up a tree soon so that Santa can leave things here and it will be festive. I would leave it for Andy to do but...
After looking at your cute decorations maybe I will do fall:)