Monday, November 21, 2011

kay and huh

Ali is starting to put words into small sentences and using more words lately. It's always fun when they say new things or start to really "get" things! Lately she has learned to say uh huh, but she has shortened it to "huh" meaning, yes. She also says um before starting to say things sometimes and she says kay, as in okay. She makes me tired, just watching her! Today I was vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. I know she thinks she's so helpful, but she is like a tornado and now I'm too tired to clean up the aftermath she has left!! At least the floor and toilet are clean ;)

Tomorrow we are headed to Vegas after Justin's afternoon class is over. We will be leaving late, but we hope the girls will sleep in the car. We are planning to get there around midnight, but then we will be there! Justin's parents have used their timeshare there, and most of the family will be there. We have reservations for Thanksgiving dinner while we are there. We have a few things we think we will do, but mostly I'm looking forward to a change of scenery and a little break from the norm!! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too!


Kati said...

Enjoy the warm weather and hopefully get a little relaxation in:) Hope the car ride goes well! Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Christine said...

It really is fun when they start to get things. Such a fun age. Hope you have fun in Vegas and that the girls are good for you.