Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Like we've done for the past 3 years, we began our trick-or-treating at the law school. Here we have Princess Aurora, a cowgirl, and Cinderella. I watched my niece, Laney, for the day, so lucky her, a little extra trick-or-treating!

Laney was Aurora (if you asked, that's what she said....p.s. someone passing out candy at the law school asked who Aurora was. What?! How did she not know? I realize she does have 3 different names in the movie, but still! I was shocked. Clearly she has no kids!)

Ali pretty much tried to eat the candy the second she got it.

Molly did sometimes too, but she mostly put everything into her bag.

I think I've shown the decorated doors at the law school before, but it's kind of entertaining :)

The girls and I actually helped Justin decorate this door for the federalist society on a Saturday morning because we are so nice!

I love how they set the candy out on a stool or chair. This is a seat with feet underneath. Pretty clever!

Everyone commented on all of the pink! I guess it's true. 3 girls = pink!

Here we are ready to hit our neighborhood. "Yee-

ha!" We went over to a neighbor's for a little before party and Molly walked in telling everyone, "Yee -ha!" It was hilarious. We never discussed it with her either!

Ali loved trick-or-treating we only took her around to our street, then I came home with her. We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day! It was warm and so pretty! Today it snowed, so we clearly were very lucky this year.

I bought the girl's costumes last year, two or three days after Halloween, at Target for about $6 each. I think they were 75% off! They have been sitting in my storage room for a year. This past Friday I went over to Old Navy and scored two costumes for the girls for next year for $3.75 each!! I figure even if they don't want to wear them, they can play dress up and it's worth the price.


emily said...

yee-haw, i love it! so adorable. your girls looked really cute and it sounds like a good day!

Karen said...

That is a lot of pink, but I love it! Cute costumes and a great deal! I'm lucky to have my nieces old costumes (although I did buy one this year)! It's nice to not have to worry about it for the next year though.

Goober and Gomer Pendleton said...

Cute pics! Looks like you guys had fun! Where was Scott and Brooke? Can't wait to see you guys soon in Vegas! (Hopefully) :)

Niederfam said...

The door looks great and the kiddos are SUPER cute, of course.

I for one am glad Halloween has come and gone, though, I know I must be a Halloween scrooge! ;)

Kati said...

So cute! I love halloween clearance! Ali looks so big to me all of a sudden. Maybe its more hair.

Christine said...

SO cute! I just bought Claire's costume for next year too, brilliant idea.