Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Molly says

Molly has been a chatterbox these days. She will talk and talk and talk! Sometimes I have to turn on the radio or a cd in the car so I can get a break! She is so funny. Here are a few of the things she's told me lately.

Molly: Mommy, I don't want you to be a grandma.
Me: Why?
Molly: Because I want you to be my mommy always.
So cute.

Molly got out of bed like 4 times the other night and came upstairs. The last time she said this.
Molly: Ali is crying! Really hard.
Me: Oh really? Why do you think she's crying?
Molly: Because she has snot!
Me: You don't think it's because you keep getting up out of bed and making noise?
Molly: No.

Molly: Let's buy some more money!
Me: That would be a great idea.
Molly: Then we can buy all the things we want!
Aren't kids so smart? They think through things so well!


erinmalia said...

oh little kids are great. molly included, of course!

Kati said...

She is so cute!

emily said...

oh i love "out of the mouth of babes." such great and cute commentary!

Niederfam said...

why not BUY some more $$$$. Try it, let me know if it works!!!! Actually she's right, it's a little thing called......CREDIT, right!! ;)

Christine said...

I wish I could hear all of that with her cute little voice!