Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving recap

We survived Vegas and now we are home. I was extremely bad when it came to taking pictures. I did catch these silly girls on the couch, however. The girls had a fun time until poor Laney (my niece in the pic) got sick. Darn it! Luckily no one else caught her bug. We felt so bad!

Scott and Brooke brought Just Dance 3 and that was entertaining! Here's Brooke on the left and Ashley on the right.

The boys took a turn dancing to "It's Halloween". Pretty funny. Left to right: Val, Brad, Mark and Scott.

Look, even my fil liked it! Look at his face!

To prove we were in Vegas, here's the famous sign!! It was just a few blocks from our hotel. We were at the mercy of the security guy who was also taking pictures. Apparently he didn't hear where to zoom. Oh well!

We didn't actually come here since part of the group had already been before we arrived and bought some m&ms! Maybe next time.

And a random picture on the strip as we were driving out. We managed to do some quality shopping and had Thanksgiving dinner at Maggiano's (my sil was the only one with a camera, but I don't have a a picture yet!). It was yummy, but it's hard to beat homemade and plan your own menu! The weather was nice, but unfortunately not quite warm enough for us to take advantage of the giant pool at our hotel :( so that was a bit of a bummer. Justin was able to get in some golf too, of course. Did I tell you the Pendleton's plan vacations around golf? Because they do. Overall we had a nice time and enjoyed being with family!

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Niederfam said...

VERY fun. A change of scenery is ALWAYS nice. LOVE the classic Las Vegas sign photo.....;) Val definitely looks like he was in his groove. FUN TIMES. Glad next year we'll be on the same "circuit" too, I HOPE you end up close!!!!!