Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring?! Yes please!

I don't want to get too excited, but today has been gorgeous here!! Molly and I went and played outside for a bit while Ali was taking a nap.

Molly was showing me her "mushroom".

She wanted me to take a picture of it. I think it's actually that itching powder stuff that falls off of our tree in balls in the backyard.

But then she didn't want me to take any pictures!

No more pictures!!

She brought out her little basket with her princesses (their house).

Onto the swings!

Don't tell the plastic surgeon, but she wanted to go high! She's not supposed to do any sort of "activity" for a month, but she's doing so much better! She's all done with a big band-aid and now has 4 skinny ones that you can see here. Also, you can probably see her tooth that got bumped.

Next onto the scooter!

She's still not quite sure how to do it, even though I showed her a bunch of times! It's tricky getting the coordination! Some neighbors gave this to her last year. Hopefully she can figure it out this summer.

Bring on more sun! We are ready!!

Visiting teaching conference idea

My lovely visiting teaching partner, Jane, found this idea right in time for General Conference this weekend. It's just a little handout/goodie bag for the ladies you visit. You can find the link here. I thought it was cute, so I'm sharing with you.

You need popcorn, lotion, gum and a notepad. That's it! Then print off the little handout, package it, and you're good to go! I realize this is late notice, but conference does come around every 6 months!

The supplies

The note.

Package it in a little bag however you want and that's it! You're done! Now I just need to drop mine off!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Justin's Birthday

We had a fun time last weekend in St. George! We were lucky enough to stay with Justin's grandparents. They rent this cute house for a few months in the winter to stay a bit warmer than cold Star Valley!

28 this year! Singing Happy Birthday.

Justin's choice of dessert: a red velvet cake from Costco (delicious!) and sweet cream ice cream from Cold Stone, just plain. (It kills me every time I get it that way....plain!)

Ali had already gone to bed so she didn't join in unfortunately.

Molly had a fun time with grandma and grandpa. They were good sports to play with her! I hope she didn't wear them out too much!

Grandma eating her cake!

A golf course is right behind their house, so one day Justin played it and called us when he was on the hole behind the house.

Coming to say hi!

Molly and daddy

We did a bit of shopping, Justin golfed, we ate some yummy food and just relaxed! Grandma and grandpa were so nice to watch the girls for us a couple of times so we could go out with by ourselves! Thanks so much grandma and grandpa!!

It was a nice little break, even if it was short! Happy Birthday Justin! We love you so much. Thanks for being such a great dad and husband. I realize you do so much for us and help me out a ton!! Like you say, you are a way better husband and help out with the kids more than most guys out there--and that is true! We love you! Love, Nicole, Molly and Alison

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last week

I'm a bit slow posting these, but last Sunday my sister Emily's baby Elise was blessed in church. I took a few pictures of the beautiful dress my mom made for Elise's special day.

Isn't it gorgeous? Emily told my mom to do whatever she wanted and she came up this. Elise looked so pretty in it! Too bad I was busy chasing around girls to take any pictures with the baby! Ha.

All the kiddos after the blessing. (Major, Mitt, Emery, Shay, Lexie, Ali, Molly) It was a beautiful, sunny day!

One day last week while Ryan and Becky were visiting we went and saw Grandpa Watkins. We were a lot of people for his room, but I think he enjoyed it!

St. Patrick's Day
Molly finding the leprechaun footprints!

The girls excited!

The footprints led to some Lucky Charms

Enjoying the spoils

We went to see Natalie and company later that day to just hang out.

Ali and Emery. Little Cindy Lou's!

Aren't they cute?

Well Ryan and Becky have gone now and we didn't document their time with us very well, but we had a lot of fun and were always on the go!! Thanks so much for coming you guys! We wish we saw you more often.

As for an update on Molly, we went and saw the doctor yesterday for a one week follow up. Her chin looks great! The doctor was really pleased and we are too. He even went and got his camera to take some pictures. He wants to see her in another month, but as for now we have switched to using these very thin bandaids that are probably half an inch long and 1/16 in. wide. We put 4 on the cut line and that's it! We just leave them there until they fall off, then put some new ones on. That was good news.

Justin is on spring break this week and is getting in all his hours for the week early so we can head to St. George Wednesday afternoon for a little r&r. His birthday is on Thursday so it should be fun!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Monday at about 4:30 pm Molly tripped and fell and hit her chin on the brick fireplace. We took her to the ER and after about 5 hours she was all fixed up.

They called in a plastic surgeon and they gave her several shots to numb her mouth. The doctor said that he learned from his mentors that sedation was too risky in this situation, so we heard lots and lots of screaming! Justin, my dad and I all waited outside of her room while she was stitched up. Her cut is about 1 1/2 in. long and it went all the way through. It took about an hour, hour and a half to stitch it all up. All of the stitches are on the inside and are dissolvable. Luckily the cut is in a rainbow shape, so it goes with the natural lines of the skin on your chin. She also had three teeth that were shoved up into her gums. At least they are baby teeth!

She was really pretty brave the whole time and did well. Here are some pictures from yesterday, so the day after. She is really swollen!

This picture is blurry, but it shows the bear that they gave her at the hospital. She was happy to have it with her.
Poor thing. Today (2 days later) she has been pretty grumpy, but we know she is dealing with some pain. She's on an antibiotic and we are trying to keep the cut free from infection. We picked up some pain medication today so we'll see if we need that. We had some x-rays done at the dentist yesterday and it doesn't look like any of the teeth are fractured, so that's good. We will just wait and see if the teeth die and fall out by themselves, which is what they think will happen. If they don't come out, they will have to go in and pull them out.

It has been a rough few days, but we are getting through it! She has to eat soft foods which is a bit tricky, but if she eats on the right side of her mouth, she usually does ok.

Disney on Ice

We went to Disney on Ice last weekend with Justin's parents and Molly. We had a lot of fun. We had a bit of a mixup when we arrived. Our tickets were for the wrong time! We had someone get the tickets for us, so we didn't even think to look. Luckily we headed to guest services and they hooked us up with even better tickets!!

We were on the 8th row, just left of center stage! We had awesome seats!


The brooms were pretty neat!

Ok this part was funny. Molly said, "That's not Minnie's fairy godmother! She is Cinderella's godmother!" She was so adamant that they got it wrong! We had to explain that Minnie was having a dream where the fairy godmother appeared to her.

Lots of the princesses were there, except for Molly's favorite, Sleeping Beauty. I was hoping she wouldn't notice but she turned and asked me, "Where is Sleeping Beauty?" So that was sad.

Jessie, Woody and Buzz were there with the troll, army guy, dinosaur and I think the penguin too.

Grandpa couldn't say no to Molly! He bought her her choice...Ariel. Spoiled girl! Molly was in a trance the whole time and loved it. We might have to do this every year!