Monday, April 23, 2012

boy projects

I have been pretty unmotivated this pregnancy to do a lot of crafty things (unfortunately). But as the time is quickly approaching when baby boy will be here, I'm now motivated!! Here are a few things I've been working on.

Burp cloths. I've made these three so far. The two on the left are made using cloth diapers and I've sewn the fabric in the middle. You see these everywhere and they make great gifts! I had a bunch of this white chenille fabric left over, so when I saw Dana's version, I had to make one. The burp cloth on the right was made using Dana's tutorial. Three is a start, but I'd really like a bunch more. We'll see what I can do!

I made a receiving blanket. (This is the flannel I found at JoAnn's, but wasn't really thrilled about.) It's pretty cute though, right?

My mom made this one. It's already fun having new colors around this place!

This is my stack so far. I'm also in the process of making a quilt for baby. I had scraps leftover from another project that were perfect for another baby quilt! I just need to go out and buy the fabric for the back and then I can finish it! I'm hoping to get to the store today. We'll see. It seems lately like my girls have been AWFUL when we've gone into any store. So I find myself avoiding bringing both of them with me! But sometimes you gotta do it!

Oh and I found baskets to go in my changing table! The colors are perfect and match the quilt my mom is going to make. I think I'm gonna make some tags to hang on the baskets so I know what's inside each one. Then I'll take a picture :) 4 weeks from tomorrow is the due date! Yikes! I'm starting to think of the lovely labor process and well, that part doesn't make me excited!! But I can't wait to meet this guy that is moving all over the place!


erinmalia said...

oooh, such cute boy fabric! everything looks great.

Emily said...

You did a great job with these- so cute!! Love the fabrics that you and mom chose. They look great!

Stacie said...

Even though it's a bit scary, I really think giving birth is such a neat experience. Great job on the projects!

Meg said...

I love the fabric! Yay for baby boy!

Kati said...

Cute! I love all the fun colors:)

Christine said...

Love, love, love them! I have been thinking about you. I hope that you are feeling well.