Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter egg hunt!

We have been enjoying windy, rainy, snowy weather and conference the past two days. Today my sister Natalie and her kids came over (P was out of town) and had an Easter dinner and egg hunt with us.

The kids had a great time of course! All smiles.

We let Ali and Emery go first so they had a fair chance :) Each kid got to find 13 eggs. (We ended up stuffing 65, so divide by 5 and the magic number is 13!)

Here's the other 3 anxiously awaiting their turn to hunt!

My mom found these cute bunnies and chicks that you wind up and they hop. Each kid got one. They are pretty cute!

Molly, very happy with her basket!!

The crew: Major, Mitt, Molly, Emery and Ali

And here they are with their bunnies and chicks!


Emily said...

How fun!! I'm glad that Nat came over while P was gone :) Looks like everyone had a great time!! It's fun to see these pictures.

I can only hope that there is a little hopping chick in a care package on it's way to WI- ha ha ha.

Wendy said...

So fun! Your kids look so old to me...I guess I haven't checked your blog for a while!

Christine said...

Love Ali's big cheesy grin in the first picture! So cute.