Thursday, April 12, 2012

dishes and a tea party

Isn't this why you have kids?! ;) Just teasing! My dad had the girls helping with the dishes. They were actually quite excited about it, if you can believe that!

I don't know the next time it will happen, so we made sure to get proof here.

Yesterday after Molly came home from preschool, grandma promised we would have a tea party. She had her quilt group over and she always decorates everything, including the girl's little table they eat at. They were so excited to see it with a cute pink tablecloth!

We had apples and oranges, cupcakes and some easter treats and pink lemonade.

They were SO excited to have a tea party.

Can you tell by Ali's face? She's very good at the whole "cheese" business!


emily said...

my kids all love doing the dishes - little lucy loves playing in the sink. :) so you just might see if again. . .

and what a perfectly girly tea-party! i adore it.

Jeff and Kathryn said...

You look so cute with your little belly!

Karen said...

Cute tea party and cute belly.

Emily said...

"When we're helping we're happy..." That is what I thought of when I saw them doing the dishes and YES that is why I had kids ;) Way to get them involved young! Show this to them one day when they complain about doing the dishes!

The tea party looks wonderful! Mom did do a great job! I wish I could have come :) Ali's cheese face made me crack up! What a cute girl!

Wendy said...

I LOVED the tea party pics! So cute!!! And you look great, as usual!