Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

 The Easter bunny left some signs for the girls to find their baskets in the back yard! Today has been beautiful and sunny, unlike 2 days ago when it snowed. Gotta love UT weather.

Found their baskets! Hiding by the shed in the wheel barrow!

So excited!
Once Ali got her candy, we couldn't get her to look at us or pose for a picture! Such is a 2 year old!

I attempted a really cool hair 'do on Molly today. It definitely didn't turn out quite like where I saw it (here), but it worked out ok I think! It's a bit more challenging with 9 am church, but for Easter you have to pull out all the stops, right?!

A view of the back.

My girls were so excited about their "Easter Dresses". I found Molly's at DI or Savers several months ago for $4 and paired it with this white sweater.

Ali's cute dress was a birthday present from her Pendleton grandparents. I didn't want her to wear a sweater since hers has short sleeves, but once Molly had one on, she needed one too of course.

I found a couple of Easter ideas that we also did/will do today. The ideas are from a blog called Anyway, I printed out the story of Jesus Christ from an old Friend magazine and we are going to do the resurrection rolls. You can check out her blog for these ideas and more! I hear Ali up from her nap, so we will do the rolls now!! We wanted to make sure the girls understand the real meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it. We read the little books about Christ and Molly surprised us by knowing a lot of the story of the resurrection. Happy Easter everyone!


Emily said...

The girls dresses are darling and so is Molly's hair :) I love it!!
looks like they had a fun hunt, nicely done!!

emily said...

aw, looks like a very sweet morning indeed. the girls both looked beautiful - i love molly's hair. simply amazing.

Christine said...

So cute and I am loving her hair. Don't you just love little girls!?