Friday, April 13, 2012

Just arrived...

No, it's not the baby yet!! One of these arrived for me the other day. It's a laminator! I just decided that there are some things that I want laminated and it can be so expensive at a copy center. This was under $30 and I already have a few file folder games that need to be finished. With little kids I figure there are so many uses for it!

These books came in for me from the library. I kind of go in spurts of reading. I love to read. I read a few books, then go a while, then get more. I decided I need to read a few more books before the baby comes along and I only have extra time for naps :) I'm not sure I can read all of these before they're due, but I'll try!

Yay! Probably most exciting are these lovely graduation announcements that arrived! Justin graduates May 11th!! His last day of class is next week I believe. If I haven't already stated this, Justin accepted the job with his current law firm. He will become a full time employee after graduation, then after passing the bar he will be put on salary. The bar is July 24th and 25th, so by the middle or end of August he will be in an official career :) It almost makes me cry I'm so happy! The end always seems so far away when you are in school and we are almost there!

Many people ask us about house plans. Well, we are still figuring out paying back loans and that fun sort of thing (notice the sarcasm) so we aren't sure. But if we move, you'll be sure to know!

Me and my belly at 34 weeks! This is when Alison arrived. In the back of my mind I am slightly paranoid that this baby will somehow come early. I went to the dr. this week and had him check me just to be sure. I feel like this baby is sitting lower than the girls were, so I wanted to know if anything was happening yet. Nothing is going on. So that is good. I'm feeling pretty well, but sleep is getting more and more difficult because I'm flipping from side to side all night. I also notice my back hurting more after I sit for a long period of time. But baby seems happy and well, kicking often, so I have nothing to complain about!

Ok and then these babies. I know this is kind of funny. Do you have the same problem as us? We have a pillow top mattress and we have the hardest time finding a fitted sheet that will stay on ALL night! Every time I make the bed I have to pull it back over. And it bugs Justin because it's always happening on his side during the night and well, that's annoying. So we were looking for new sheets that are deep enough, but noticed these. Yep, they are called sheet huggers! I think we paid like $6 for them and it's this flimsy fabric that you put on all corners. But guess what? They work!! We are shocked and amazed that something like this, that looks like it could be sold on an infomercial actually works! It's from bed, bath and beyond if you are looking for something like this too :)

While I'm updating, here's a few things about the girls lately. Molly told me this a few weeks ago.
"Even though you are preganant (that's how she says it), I still love you!" Gee, thanks!
Molly is still her busy self. Her preschool teacher told me yesterday that they had brought in a bunch of different kinds and colors of artificial flowers and vases for the kids to play with. Molly worked very slowly and carefully to make up an arrangement and told her teachers that she wanted to give the flowers to her great grandpa. Isn't that so sweet? They told her she couldn't take them home since they belonged at the school, but that she could try a flower shop maybe. She is very thoughtful of others!

Ali is busy and getting into things and always managing to find candy in hidden places! Lately she wants to wear nightgowns every night (I think since Molly has several) and dresses. Good thing I have a few dresses that she can play in! She also has recently been determined at keeping her binky. A few months ago I attempted to take it away, but she wasn't taking a nap without it, so we decided to keep it until after the baby arrives. We keep telling her she's a big girl, but she says, no, I'm a baby! Silly girl! We also like to tease her and say, "Are you bopper?" (a nickname we have for her) and she will say, "No. I'm Ali!" It's pretty cute. She also wants to be held a lot. This makes me nervous with the baby coming soon. I've told my mom that Ali is going to become her baby pretty soon! She also has decided to go from calling my parents the traditional "grandma" and "grandpa" to calling them "grammy" and "grampy". I think my mom likes it because it sounds pretty cute and she's the only one who calls her that, but my dad isn't so sure. Probably because sometimes it sounds a bit like "grumpy"!!

Oh and before I forget...we are getting a new park in the area!! And it is going to have a SPLASH PAD!!!!! I am soooo dang excited! We don't have any splash parks or pads near us. I think the closest one is in Alpine, which is like 20 minutes away or so. For those who live by me, it's in Cottonwood Heights and it's called Mountview Park. You can google it. I passed by it today and decided to look it up because I've been dying to know if there would be a splash pad and yes!! There is one! It's supposed to open May 19th. I'm thinking we will spend lots of time there this summer!


erinmalia said...

we totally have that same problem with the bed. soooo annoying! but maybe i should look for these.

and congrats to justin on graduation and a real job and a real salary! so exciting.

Karen said...

You look great!!! I can't believe you only have 6 more weeks! FUN!!! And tell Justin congrats. That is awesome.

Kati said...

Wow! You look so amazing!!! And I love all your fun new arrivals:) I have never had a girl so I don't know how they sit but all my boys are super low.

Meg said...

you look amazing! Congratulations Justin. Colby's been working on that park for weeks. Can't wait to play there with you:)

Christine said...

I bought the same laminator a month ago and LOVE it! So worth it.

Love the belly, you are adorable as always

AND the graduation announcements! HOORAY